Thursday, 28 February 2013

emotional deja vu

Shakti is "she who cannot be contained," the radiant and sacred feminine life force that lives inside us all. Let us invite her back to her rightful place alongside the masculine, in our bodies, in our relationships and in the world.

They say promote what you love.
To me promote also means share what you love, express what you love. I think I understand what they mean, but sometimes it doesn’t get reflect in my manifestations, because I am not what I think I am, the situation is not what I judge it to be. Life has been showing me this for a while now, that I judge and assume the situation to be something. And sometimes I got it right, but other times I got it wrong.
And for the times I got it wrong, I take responsibility for my actions while at the same time I am thankful for the opportunity to learn.  As reality is not what is seems, but my experience of it is real.
“But what is this I feel? What is conspiring in the dark?” Anxiety tells me. Clearly I have insecurities of my own to deal with, so I will give back the reflections others project upon my being.
And then I remember:  it’s a game. These are gifs. The beautiful Mother Earth provides. And we are the collective concisions experience itself subject. To remain in the heart and see the beauty in others is my intention. And become I AM presence. As how could one not be the one right now?
Thank you for being part of my experience.
Yours truly,