Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ramadan: Day 15

More triggers presented to me, yet it only takes me further into the realization of Duality. And duality is transcended by accepting, forgiving and being grateful.

I have noticed the amazing improvements in fasting/detox for a few days every week. In this case fasting is a conscious choice made for the benefit of the physical form. But, again by choice, I have allowed this period to be spiritual by accepting the triggers as one’s teachers.

It is an internal process.

It is my understating that some who take actions because they are “obligated” are losing out in the amazing opportunity to conscious choice. This same concept applies to God, for to be “obligated” to say that you believe in God is not the same as believing in God.

And sadly millions of people across the world are being robbed of the amazing opportunity to realize Unconditional Love.

And many other areas of our lives are being manipulated by the same principle. From very young age we were constantly subjected to the influence and believe in our lack of personal power. We were conditioned by Fear.

But all you need is Love.


The version of reality that has been suggested to us is but a lie. Yet the Divine plan has no matching opposite force as one of the name lies we were told. And the Indigos and Crystal are cleaning and healing the way.


Life is abundant. There is plenty for all of us and more. We are not overpopulated and we do not need to compete against one another for supplies, or against other forms of life in this planet. We do not need to destroy Nature to remove what we need as Nature has always and will always provide for all our needs.

Women are not weak. We have amazing bodies that evolved/designed to handle our physical needs and desires. I am reading ‘Childbirth without Fear’ and the principles of the book are amazing whatever you are planning in having children or not and for women and man alike to read and learn how Fear is used to manifest our emotions against our natural instincts.

There is no us and them. Separation and segregation is but an evil tool to keep us ignorant and powerless. InLakesh and Love thy neighbours.