Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ramadan: more Day 7 and Day 8

Realization Day 7


I have resisted all interactions with a certain person in my life and all that she represents. It’s not that I choose not to participate, it’s more like I choose to ignore. I have completely alienated her without consideration for the waves I have created. As usual, I tried to completely ignore that which I cannot handle.

But we can handle all challenges that are presented to Us.

My fear comes from myself, from not wanting to allow my human side to show up. Fear of getting involved beyond my comfort zone.

I have come to this realization before and done nothing about it.

How inconsiderable of me

How disconnected was I to the human being in front of me, to the human being crying out for help and attention, to my change to allow my inner light to shine and be of service to another.

Life has provided me a simple situation, yet I made it into a big drama,

No more timelines – I have lived this moment already.

Day 8


Yesterday’s Anger lead to positive constructive realizations, but it also meant I gave in to food.

Today is the turn of Pain. And I am embracing it, I know this situation is caused by restrictions/resistance to life. And was too quick to give it up for comfort food and cup of coffee.

Although I don’t know what it is, I am trying to remain at ease. It may be something to do with my daily routine and my lack of satisfaction or initiative to change.

Being active is going well, although I not following the fast as others do (as all rules are made to be broken, even the ones I set up for myself) but have noticed an improvement in my physical form. And my attitude is also changing as I am consciously trying to be more compassionate to others.