Thursday, 25 July 2013

Santo Movie

Yes, GMO linked to yet another health issue going wild. The blanket has been lifted and the people are catching on WITH the sickening facts! We must change our lifestyles and spread the news for others to do the same. Change starts at home, reaching others happens in many ways. This movie will reach others across the globe. We are going to hit others where they're at, the movies!

Santo 7.13.15 will do this, it's a film unlike any other. People will soon see the terror that can come from this. We are still able to make our choices, but Santo 7.13.15 shows a world where our choices are manipulated into pushing us into situations we never would have agreed to.

Let's make this happen, we can awake the masses and you can have a part in it! Anyone can pledge $1, $3, $5, $100, an amount within your own means, and you could be a part of something phenomenal, something bigger than anything ever done.
We need your help to do it.
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