Wednesday, 14 August 2013

raspberry leaf tea

Today I am drinking raspberry leaf tea.

I got the inspiration some time ago, and collected the leaves from the allotment. I let them dry out outside by hanging it all over the allotment when it was hot and dry. It dried out quick and I then took the dried leaves and stored it in jars.

I read of the benefits for women and fertility. But I am currently drinking it with the intention of detoxing my body and get my thrush under control.

Now, I have never read anywhere that raspberry leaf tea can be used to treat the candida virus, I am simply following my intuition.

I have read before that nettle tea is good, but also blackberry leaf which I also have abundantly in my allotment. Either way as I already had the raspberry leaves and my intuition to suggest this.

Anyway I will report on it later.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Foxgloves Field

Foxgloves Field - painting for sale

Price is negotiable and if you would like to purchase this painting please contact me
izzyjessbell [@]