Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Skype Credit

email received from Skype <> 13/11/2013

This is an automated email, please don’t reply.

Hi there _______________,

Your credit will become inactive in 7 days

You don't seem to have used any of your Skype Credit in a while. It becomes inactive if you haven't used it in 180 days. But don't worry - once it becomes inactive, you can reactivate it whenever you're ready to use it. Simply sign into your account online and follow the option to Reactivate credit.

Your account details:

Skype Name: __________
Balance: EUR2.79

How do you keep your balance active?

It's simple. Do any of the following and your Skype Credit balance will be active for another 180 days:

- Call any phone (landline or mobile) - even if the call lasts for just one second.
- Send an SMS message direct from Skype.
- Purchase a personal Skype Number, subscription or voice messages using your Skype Credit.
Talk soon,
The people at Skype

And my reply, which took a while to find online how to contact skype.

Hello The people at Skype,

And thank you for contacting me. However I do not appreciate being told that I have to use my credit or lose it. Or that I should make a call just for a second. That is up to me as the user and the credit holder to decide when to call and how long for.
I am not happy about this demand upon my person.

I have not make calls to landlines but you will surely have a record that my account is active. My credit is for emergency only and making an one second call is not an emergency for me nor is it purchasing your products.

Therefore please ensure my credit is active as my account is active and in use. If I choose to delete my account I will let you know so you may refund any funds back to me.

Kind regards,
a Skype active user