Saturday, 7 February 2015

Vaccines and the main media

Yesterday in a UK newspaper "The Times" there was an article named "The US needs a vaccination against ignorance" by Justin Webb where he went on to say how scientifically and socially illiterate Americans are because more and more Americans are choosing not to vaccinate their children.

He then finished the article by saying that childhood vaccination does not get the proper hearing because more Americans are choosing to reply on other sources of news instead of seeing the "veracity" of the mainstream news.

That goes to show how we, anywhere in the world, do have to get ourselves informed, as the mainstream media has nothing to do with presenting info or news.

We should look to alternative sources of information where the interest is our health and well being instead of the propaganda and fear mongering opinions of a few that have their own agenda.

It all comes down to choice. You, as the amazing human being that you are, have the choice to look further into the information presented to you before making an informed decision.

I post about vaccinations, GMO food, natural childbirth and other alternative information I come across on my own research. Some friends and people online have claimed that I am against these and that instead I should believe "the Truth" that they so passionately protect as being fact because a figure of authority or a main media source have stated so.

Lets take the example of natural childbirth. I do not denied that for many women the medical establishment practices can mean the difference between life and death. It is of paramount importance to have medical assistance available to all women. But for many those approaches are not needed or can even be the cause of health issues. What is needed is choice. For each women to have available the information in regards to the risks and benefits, for you to be able to have a sincere conversation with your doctor and be able to trust his advice, and for your doctor to be respectful of your choices.

When it comes to GMO food many people will tell you how wonderful we are to have such technology. Its like the person feels some sense of pride towards claiming how wonderful it is. Maybe that can be beneficial uses of such technology but only if used with care, with the understanding that what we do can affect a very sensitive natural balance, that we may cause more harm to ourselves and the planet by using this technology with the only aim of making more money for the big corporations. We are looking for a quick fix and not taking into account the risks it will eventually create. And that not even taking into consideration that this same technology can be used against us, and it is being used against us by Monsanto. Some quickly label this as a conspiracy, many because its too painful to accept the truth.

Our governments are being lobbied into passing laws that do not benefit us. We are being used as collateral damage and potential sources of fear mongering propaganda, control, and most of all a source of income for the big corporations.

Vaccines is a topic so vast it took me a long time to fully understand how sinister its current uses are. They, Big Pharma, have no intention to help you and your family have a better life. And its not just because of the money involved in these practices, its about keeping people suffering.

Again its choice, just do a quick search and try to establish how likely are you to contract the diseases and how likely are you to suffer from the side effects. 

And for those dying children in Africa, the vaccine is not the cure for the cause of their deaths. The cause of the suffering goes back to European countries invading their land, taking their strong and taking their wealth, creating the social, political, financial and health crises that now face. Better nutrition, health and hygiene together with allowing their countries and cultures to develop as it should naturally, having the psychological and spiritual development that is natural for humans to thrive.  

Key points from A Guide to Health by Gandhi:
  • The nature of diseases like smallpox have been misconceived. While smallpox has a contagious component, vaccinated individuals can become infected, and non-vaccinated individuals remain immune, disproving Jenner's original theory that vaccination equates to bona fide immunity. 
  • Vaccination is a unsanitary practice. By injecting the 'filth' of a diseased cow and smallpox patient into the body of a healthy individual one inevitably makes them sicker, possibly producing new infections, ultimately resulting in a greater disease burden.
  • The route of administration of the vaccine -- injection--- harbors special dangers versus natural (oral) exposures to infection.
  • Fear of disease drives people to vaccinate against commonsense and rationality.
  • Vaccination is unethical and immoral because of the manner in which the vaccine is produced (through the great suffering of poisoned animals)
  • The income generated through vaccination is the driving reason why the medical profession does not wish to identify aforementioned problems in safety and efficacy.
  • Conscientious objectors should be willing to stand their ground with courage and face persecution and penalties.
  • Those objecting for medical reasons should aspire towards mastery of the subject such that they will be able to win others towards their perspective.
  • Sanitation, hygiene, fresh air, water, and clean food are essential for preventing infection and/or helping those infected to recover.
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