Saturday, 25 July 2015

Capital One - JUNK MAIL + waste

sent to - because all the numbers provided in the website are 0800 
email sent 25/07/2015
Letter received 24/07/2015
Letter signed by Catherine Buttery - Head of Welcome Team - Capital One (Europe) plc - MasterCard
To whom it may concern,
I have received unsolicited mail from Capital One. I would like my details removed from your database and an explanation to where have you acquired my details from.
I have given NO permission to have my personal information shared to third parties and find it very unprofessional when companies think that they have to right to buy my details WITHOUT MY CONSENT AND AGAINST MY WISHES, so who has provided you with my details???
Also as a person who cares about the environment, I would like to tell you that I recycled all the letters you have posted to me. I am not interested in what capital one is providing but if I change my mind I would contact you to request the information.
But my latest unsolicited waste of paper and resources from you, contains a fake credit card. So tell me, what kind of material is this card made off? Is it Recyclable? I am very disappointed that so much effort and waste of resources has gone into creating a useless material that serves no purpose other than trying to get me into debt.
My address is ( ). My name is ( ).
REMOVE ME FROM YOUR DATABASE WITH IMMEDIATELY EFFECT. I do not consent or give my permission to have my personal information shared with Capital One or any company or person dealing in your behalf.
Do not store my email address in your database other than to reply to me with the information requested:
1. confirmation of how you have acquired my details
2. the contact details of the company or group that provided my details to capital one ( no 0800 numbers please, email would be preferable)
3. what the fake card is made of and how to recycle it.
4. confirmation that you have removed my details from your database and that my details will not be shared or sold to other companies
Please reply to this email within 7 days.