Saturday, 4 July 2015


The NHS provides leaflet "whooping cough and pregnancy - 2014 edition"

It is important to make informed decisions about vaccines, but I personally feel that this leaflet was designed to make me feel scared and to highly influence me into taking the vaccine without being given the necessary and relevant information.

Unsatisfied with the lack of information provided by the NHS (and don't waste your time checking their website) I spend this morning doing some basic research on the net.

The leaflet starts by stating that "There is a lot of whooping cough around at the moment" but keep reading to find out that actually it was only in 2011/12 that there was a lot of whooping cough around.

But what I want to know is, WHERE IN THE UK WHERE THESE CASES OF WHOOPING COUGH???? That information is not easily available but I do think it makes a big difference in my decision making to know if I am in a area that is at risk. The NHS advises pregnant women all over the UK to take this vaccine, but from what I found out it seems that theses cases- this outbreak - was very specific in region, with most cases located in Yorkshire. Please see this article -

There is little information on this NHS leaflet to help one make a informed decision. It has BIG BOLD FEAR BASED messages across it trying very hard to scare women who of course are very concern with the health and safety of the child.

The NHS also thinks is relevant for us to know that the USA has done this, that they having been taking these vaccines, and apparently that is good reason for us to do exactly the same.

From what I found only with a few searches this morning, is that these cases are not across the USA just like ours are not across the UK. I found these very informative articles about the "outbreak" in California:
1. the vaccinated are not protected at all - 81% of vaccinated people get whooping cough
2. they are not telling us the side effects
3. very sad and heart breaking the number of children with adverse effects to the vaccine as told by their parents

The NHS tells us that we have to vaccinated the mother, because the baby cannot be vaccinated at birth, and why? Because it would take the baby two weeks to develop a response and that babies need three doses to build up full protection. BUT all the research shows that even vaccinated you are not fully protected AND  the University of Oxford - Vaccine Knowledge project states that the reason why babies are not vaccinated at birth is because their immune system do not respond well at this age to the 1st dose of the vaccine. Read it here:

This article from University of Oxford states that it is save to have the vaccine in pregnancy but also gives us the following information and links to the manufactures info that state that the vaccines are not safe:
Although there is so much experience of the use of the vaccine, it was not studied as part of a clinical trial in pregnancy. This is why the manufacturer’s information leaflets for both Repevax and Boostrix-IPV state that the vaccine is 'not recommended for use in pregnancy' or 'should be used during pregnancy only when clearly needed'.
Both vaccines contain ALUMINIUM - research this topic

Repevax has carried out clinical studies in people from age 3 + but no studies in babies or pregnancy, it states: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN PREGNANCY

Boostrix-IPV has carried out animal studies but no human studies are available. It states that vaccine can be used in pregnancy "ONLY WHEN CLEARLY NEED" and "WHEN POSSIBLE ADVANCES OUTWEIGHT THE POSSIBLE RISK TO FOETUS"

The NHS leafted states that the regulatory agency in the UK has COMPLETED A LARGE STUDY, but this has only been in the last 4 years and that is not a long time to make a study, neither has the vaccine provided done any clinical studied in babies and pregnant women. In other parts of the leafted it states that since 2012 we have "promising results". These promising results does not constitute a large case study.

I can,t find much data for 2014 and 2015 cases, but this one from site states the cases are on DECLINE: The NHS claims that the reason for the decline is the vaccine but that is only speculation, and remember that the cases where in Yorkshire mainly, this does not proof that the vaccines is effective.

I will research more into this, I am not against all vaccines and I believe I should be given the information by the NHS to help me make my decision.  I have searched for whooping cough cases and deaths in my area and cant find any, but will ask my doctor about this. Based on what I read so far there is no studies to actually confirm that these vaccines are safe for pregnant women or babies, and cases that "go wrong" being pushed aside in other to protect the pharmaceutical industries.

Never forget that although the NHS keep telling us these vaccines ARE FREE, we are paying for these highly profitable private contracts with our taxes. As with all health issues connected with children, there are heavy FEAR based propaganda in order to influence our decision, because they know that we all care and want to best for our children.