Saturday, 1 August 2015

How to Educate your Kids While Traveling The World - Unschooling / Homeschooling

Unschooling / Homeschooling

As we are expecting our first child, my husband comment to friends that we will consider homeschooling. A simple comment received by negative attitude.

This is very new for us and it is an consideration. I have for a few years watched videos from alternative life styles and once I came across unschooling it was a amazing tool of healing and improvement to me.

I came to realize how so much of the "Fears and Insecurites" that I accepted as being who I am, where nothing more that programs forced upon my young mind as a child. Despised the fact that I do have some good memories from school, I also had a lot of trauma. And all the things in my life that I have trully learned where because I, of my own choice, got a book and read about it.

When we force people, especially children, to do, behave and accept believes, we are robbing them of the opportunity. The opportunity to study what they want to, to be friends with who they want to, to develop their own person and shape their future, to make choices, to have faith.

Many of the people around me are still so trap in the loop of 'do as you were told and fit in', that any suggestion of a alternative life is taken negatively.

It is not that one method is better than another, and in all walks of life, that one choice is the right choice for all the people, or how it was recently put accross to me that "My God is the Right God".

Going to school does not teach you, it conditions you to follow the herd.

Forcing your religions dogmas upon a child does not teach the child to have faith, it creates fear and segragation.

Accepting what the majority does as the norm, only holds you back from being your best.

Unschooling is a process where you become your own teacher and guide, where you will learn who you are and what you want, how to be the best and happiest you can be. And this process is not only for children. We can all benefit from unschooling ourselves.

I have been unschooling myself for a while, and I know I still have a lot of 'material' to cover. For me, it is a healing process, to face the "fear" that does not even exist. It is a empowering process, to realise that I have a choice and that I have the power to accept change. It is awakening, as I learn to trust my inner self and improve in all aspects of my life.

As my child grows and my body changes, I feel I deeper connection to my inner being, and all the preparation and healing I had in recent years.

From accepting change, understanding that control is an illusion, learning about alternative life styles and experiences, actively observing the world around me and how people are shaped by "fear and illusion".

One de-programing step I actively take is to pay attention to my mind, and when I become judgmental of how people behave and what choices they make. It serves as my teacher, as I first recognize what I dont want or like, but that I also have to accept that people are different and are making their own choices, shaping their experience. Before I open my mouth, and tell people how they are wrong or say negative comments like was said to my husband about home schooling, I take the time to read, research, consider the situation, and never forget free will, as all experiences are valid forms of understanding of the soul.

My choices of life style may not suite you, may not be what will make you happy, but to just accept the "norm" as being the only solution is just plain naive.

Just like the main media, people accept what they are told as the only truth. This 'just accept and dont question attitude' is what we "learned" in school. It is sad, disempowering, based on illusions and fear, and creates segragation and lack of free will.

Most people think that are free and make their own choices, but they are simply accepting what is presented to them as being what they want and who they are. That is schooling. It is not just about what subjects you learn and your grades you get in school, it is mainly about how you behave and what you are willing to accept as being normal.

It touches and shapes so many aspect of our lives. It is not that schools are bad, but that most schools are following the same method, like one size fits all, is just to right. We are all different, we cannot all fit in the same box, and curretly if you dont fit in the box you will have little hope your happiness in this life, or so that what you will be told.

Don't accept what I am telling you, just consider it. Look at your own life, how you behave, what you trully believe vs what you simply accept as being true.