Thursday, 28 July 2016

Home made baby food

What to feed your little one? We all want the best for our children, and to ensure they have the best start in life. And food is a big part of baby and mum's day to day routine.

Time and money are precious, and we all want to manage it the best way possible.

I know that my little one will eventually come in contact with all the processed s**t that is sold as food. And I am not radical about my approach to food, but for as long as I can, I will only give her natural and unprocessed foods.

Now for me it was already a big disappointment when I could not breastfeed and was desperate to. But more on that in another blog. And being a fan of Dr Robert Morse, I knew I would give her fruits as soon as possible and take her out of the fast food formula she has been on from birth.

Again, my plan was to blog about each event as it took place, and tah dah!!!! My baby is 6 months old and this is my second post for Mum's Favorites blog.

Now it is recommended to only feed breast milk or formula to babies under 6 months old, and I am not advising you against it. But in my own personal experience, I started feeding my baby fruits from 4 months old.

It is simple enough, blend the fruit with a bit of water and feed it to her. Just Fresh fruit and water.

She is still on formula, I would say at the moment she is on about 60% formula and 40% fruit. So it is a process for sure and every child will be different. Mother's instinct here will help decide when it is the right time to introduce fruits. Her first fruit was pineapple. 

I am hoping to get some videos done showing how I prepare the fruit for her.

As with everything else that concerns your baby, everyone will have a different option on what is best, what works and what you should do, what you should not. But it is up to you to decide what is best for your child, and what suits your particular lifestyle and budget.

Yes it will be easier to buy ready made baby food, yes it will be easier to use disposable diapers and disposable wet wipes, yes it will be easier to keep her on formula as long as possible... but what is convenience for me, may not be what is best for my baby, so it does take a bit of organizing your day and priorities. And never be to hard on yourself. I watch and ready tons of health advise online, and some of these channel and blogs make it look very easy, but in real life its not always so. So sometimes I have given her ready made baby food, and used disposable diapers and wet wipes, and baby formula is an option for many of us that, WANT TO, but cannot breastfeed. (will link the blog here soon)

Another point is the cost. Do you save money or do you spend more? I have not really done the math on this one. And being summer right now I can find all the fruit I want and need. Let's see how winter will affect it.

Friday, 22 July 2016

BT phone scam

A few days ago I receive a call claiming to be from BT. The person explained that there was high activity in my account and that they suspected that my computer had been hacked.

I am so angry at myself for not knowing from the beginning that this was a scam call.

They asked me to log in into my pc so they could tell me how to fix the problem or they would disconnect my internet in order to fix the problem.

They wanted me to log in into those sites that give remote access to another user. Can't believe I amongst did it, the security in my pc blocked the access and my baby started crying. I told the guy that he would have to call some other time and he was very pushy that it had to be done. My hero baby saved me on this one as she is my priority so I disconnected the call.

After feeding my hero, I texted my husband about this call, and straighten away he called me to say it was a bogus call. THEN the penny dropped. Of course they are not from BT. Still they called again and I said that I had reported the call to BT and the police, and he disconnected, which was I lie as I hadn't had the time to call BT yet.

But an hour later I get another call, same guy for sure, who said that he was calling back following my complaint to BT about a scam call. I pretended to go with it to see what he would say, and again he was asking to log in to my pc.

I let my frustrations out, in a control manner because my little one was near me. All the anger I felt towards him, and towards myself. I wanted to scream every swear word in the world, but held myself back.

I phoned BT to report the fraud call. And this is when I am angry again. They said they are aware this scam is going on and what I can do is buy some product from them they will block these calls from my line.

BT is financially benefiting from these type of scams and nuisance calls, they are fully aware that these low life parasites are impersonating them but don't appear to care or to take any measures to try to stop it.

Until a few days ago I would describe myself as computer savvy, but if I almost fell for this, for sure it must be others that may believe it too.

The problem lies in Fear. We are all to some extent programmed to respond to fear. It is a control program that runs all the time on the background of our minds. It tells us to obey authority, to be a good citizen and comply.

So in my fear of not having internet for a while, and my fear that my pc was hacked, I almost gave control of all my information to a low life parasite. In my eager to help and assist, I was ready to follow instructions given to me without asking why.

This has been a massive trigger for me. I had this idea of myself as being aware and in control, being streetwise and smart. But this has been good in terms of seeing how Fear has affected my better judgement of the situation. How easily I obeyed and complied without questioning.

When any "authority" real or fake tells you to do something, what the person in control does is ask questions. If I had asked a few simple questions the first time they called I would know for sure that they were dirty liars.

I am thankful that my pc security and my baby stopped me when they did. And I am also thankful for this experience, that I was given the opportunity to see how an insinuation caused fear in my mind and lead me to accept what I was told even when in reality I had a sense that the situation was odd but pushed the feeling aside in my eager to please.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Gardening in the Shade

What to plant in the shade?

Herb Robert - will grow in full shade, and has many medicinal uses

A garden can look amazing no matter the weather or how much sun you get. I am really into growing food, and I had a allotment for a few years, but now that I have my own garden, I was planning ahead to having my very own edible back garden.

I wanted it to look beautiful, have plenty of room for my little one to play and be edible. I was going to have dozens of fruit trees and edible perennials.

But then realizing that I don't have a allotment, but a limited space in the garden. And a lot of shady areas. Thankfully there are plenty of shade loving plants that I can explore.

My first task for the garden is to observe how much sun and where the sun is for the most part of the day. Its April end, so I will have a good idea of how much sun I will be getting.

I will be updating this blog step by step as I build the garden, so please come back to check out.

For now I am looking for herbs that can grow in the shade, and fruit trees will have to be in patio pots.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Being Mum

My first favourite to list in Mum's Favourites blog is: Being Mum.

And since you are reading this blog is because being a mum or dad is your favourite too.

As the excitement of being a first time mum built up, the plan was to start blogging from the birth of my baby and share this magical journey from the start ... my baby is 3 months old this week, and tah dah!!! Here I am writing my first post. 

Anyway, in retrospect I wish I had started blogging from the beginning of my pregnancy.

As being a parent is a new experience for me, I have spent hours online searching for everything baby and pregnancy related, from what to expect when you are expecting, to what products are save for pregnancy, breastfeeding and your little bundle of joy.

And I am loving every second of it! It's exciting!

But I am not here to advise you, I am sharing my tips and experiences, and I want to invite you do share yours too. So please tell me about topics that are important for you as a parent, share your tips and personal experiences:

These are some of the content I am suggesting as topics, but please feel free to write about what resonates with you and send it to me so I can share it here:

  • tips for getting pregnant 
  • tips for dealing with morning sickness and nausea 
  • tips for keeping in shape during pregnancy
  • home birth or hospital birth - share your birthing experience 
  • what is your must have baby product
  • what is your must have pregnancy product
  • baby shower - presents ideas - what to give
  • first week with newborn baby 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Sally Clarke - DTaP Diphtheria vaccine

Monday 26 of January 1998 Sally Clarke’s son Harry has his DTaP vaccination, (Stolen Innocence:
the Sally Clark story
the Sally Clark story
) Four hours later Harry was dead. Unfortunately for Sally Clarke she had no explanation for her sons sudden death. Clark was convicted of murdering Harry and his brother Christopher who was believed to have been a victim of Cot death a year earlier.  Sally Clarke spent three years in prison and was finally acquitted by the court of Appeal in 2003, dying in 2005 of a “broken heart”.

Soon after her conviction in February 2000 Sally Clark’s family were contacted by  campaigners on the dangers of vaccination. “They have no doubt that the DPT jab given to Harry four hours before he died is what killed him” (page 226). They support their view with a mountain of paper. “none of Sallys medical expert’s will give this theory the time of day”. The expert witness for the prosecution Paediatric consultant Roy Meadows said there was a one in seventy three million chance of two children in the same family dying of “cot death”. Obviously Meadows had not been told of the “Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System” in the US which has recorded  hundreds of deaths following millions of vaccines (in percentage terms small, if its your child 100%).
It is unbelievable to think that in 2000, Medical experts in the UK and Ireland would not accept that vaccines could cause serious neurological damage or death, with their checkered history. I guess this explains why they were not looking for it then and were convinced a mother would murder her two children, rather than consider the possibility, a vaccine being responsible. In America the risk is recognised, the data is collected and billions have been paid out in compensation. In the UK now the have a reporting system, which plays down the possible reactions to vaccines unlike in the US there is no mention of the possibility of brain damage and death. They also use the term, which the Irish Chief Medical Officer Brendan O Donnel used to Vera Duffy in 1973 before he realised he was talking to the “One”; its “one in a million”, they love to say, to people who have not had an adverse event.
In April 2000 the Clark family found an expert in the US and commission Professor John Menkes, a paediatric neurologist to write a report on adverse reactions to the DTaP vaccine. The Clarks are encouraged by Menkes report which suggested that the vaccine was a possible cause of Harry’s death ((page 228). This would surely be been enough to create reasonable doubt in the minds of any jury.
In August 2001 epidemiologist professor Tom Meade tells the Clarkes that he is prepared to make a full investigation of the DTaP vaccination. August 2002 Tom Meade’s report says “vaccination could have killed Harry” (page 297). “he has no doubt that that the pertussis part of the vaccine could have killed the baby.  I have seen Meades report and in the three years Sally Clarke was in prison there were 35 unexplained infants deaths days after receiving the DTaP vaccine. In his report Meade explains that a “cause of death” is not an exact science; it can only ever be a matter of opinion. He concluded  “If the vaccine did not kill Harry, it would have exacerbated the effect of the bacteria  Staaphylococcus aureus which was found in microbiological samples taken from Harry during the post-mortem”. The fact bacteria was present in Harry’s blood at the time of his death and could have contributed to the cause of death, was not revealed to the jury during Sally Clarkes original trial.  Apparently the pathology report was “mislaid”, this was the reason the second appeal in January 2003 was successful, rather than the effect the vaccine may have had and how the DTaP vaccine alone should have been enough for “reasonable doubt” in the minds of any jury.  On top of the MMR controversy created by Andrew Wakefield at the end of the 90s, it would have been a disaster for vaccination uptake if DTaP had been suggested as a cause of death of two children in this high profile case. Nevertheless the DTaP vaccine was withdrawn from use eighteen months after Sally Clarkes release and replaced with the current five in one vaccine which does not contain the controversial preservative thimerosal (mercury)??
Sally Clarke, Verra Duffy and Rosemary Fox are not isolated stories, in fact 6 respondents to my survey had taken their child to A&E after the DTaP vaccine, that does not necessarily mean the vaccine was the reason these 6 children got sick, however one case stood out.  A parent whose son had an immediate reaction to their first DTaP vaccine, she described on the response form how her  “three month old son had extremely high temperature, went white, and then floppy and was rushed to Kingston hospital by ambulance and later diagnosed with sepsus and recovered. One month later he had his second DTaP jab and experienced the same reaction”. The mother put two and two together, but doctors disagreed; “ The evidence states the vaccine is safe, the reactions are coincidental” she was told?  Despite these reassurances the parents declined any more vaccines, this parent was one of the few  who actually knew what DTP, stood for. If you get punched in the eye and the following day the you have a black ring around the eye, you dont need “peer reviewed” evidence to conclude the punch caused the eye to go black.
Vaccine believers  would say we are irresponsible parents, putting our children at “risk” by not following the “herd”. I can only say I am doing what I believe is best for my children based on the information thats out there. I have no doubt the risk from the disease has been exaggerated and the risk from the vaccines minimised to promote a policy that is cost effective. The NHS is underfunded and does not have the capacity for GP’s  to go out and visit all the children that would be sick and contagious, if these diseases were common again. There is also a cost to the economy of parents who have to stay at home from work to look after sick children. There is no doubt vaccination has played a role in reducing morbidity of what were once called normal childhood illness, but there is no evidence children are now healthier or less likely to die from other illness because they have been vaccinated.


If your immune system dose not  have antibodies to recognise an infectious agent, chances are you will develop signs and symptoms of the disease regardless of how healthy you are or how many greens you eat. Measles is arguably the most contagious virus know to man, if you dont have anti bodies for it and are exposed to the virus in all probability you will develop measles, 90% of our class got it in 1964 (I was 7) we were off school for a few days, everything and everybody was back as normal the following week, hundreds got it, it was seen as a bit of a joke and important to get out of the way before adulthood,parties were thrown, to make sure everyone would catch it early. This is how measles was portrayed on TV So the risk of catching measles in those without antibodies is extremely high, while the risk of dying or having side effects is not in healthy well nourished kids living in a developed country with hood housing and sanitation. The UKs worst ever measles epidemic was in Jan/Feb 1959 with 61,000 reported cases, the Editorial of British Medical Journal that month (available in the Welcome Trust Library)  described Measles as the most infectious disease known  and “complications are extremely rare”, now despite all the improvements in housing and nutrition’s since that time we are told it is a “killer disease” and parents  should protect children from it.

Thousands die from Asthma every year and a study Published in Thorax in  2001 showed that Adults who had measles as children were significantly less likely to develop Asthma as adults.