Monday, 11 January 2016


If your immune system dose not  have antibodies to recognise an infectious agent, chances are you will develop signs and symptoms of the disease regardless of how healthy you are or how many greens you eat. Measles is arguably the most contagious virus know to man, if you dont have anti bodies for it and are exposed to the virus in all probability you will develop measles, 90% of our class got it in 1964 (I was 7) we were off school for a few days, everything and everybody was back as normal the following week, hundreds got it, it was seen as a bit of a joke and important to get out of the way before adulthood,parties were thrown, to make sure everyone would catch it early. This is how measles was portrayed on TV So the risk of catching measles in those without antibodies is extremely high, while the risk of dying or having side effects is not in healthy well nourished kids living in a developed country with hood housing and sanitation. The UKs worst ever measles epidemic was in Jan/Feb 1959 with 61,000 reported cases, the Editorial of British Medical Journal that month (available in the Welcome Trust Library)  described Measles as the most infectious disease known  and “complications are extremely rare”, now despite all the improvements in housing and nutrition’s since that time we are told it is a “killer disease” and parents  should protect children from it.

Thousands die from Asthma every year and a study Published in Thorax in  2001 showed that Adults who had measles as children were significantly less likely to develop Asthma as adults.