Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Gardening in the Shade

What to plant in the shade?

Herb Robert - will grow in full shade, and has many medicinal uses

A garden can look amazing no matter the weather or how much sun you get. I am really into growing food, and I had a allotment for a few years, but now that I have my own garden, I was planning ahead to having my very own edible back garden.

I wanted it to look beautiful, have plenty of room for my little one to play and be edible. I was going to have dozens of fruit trees and edible perennials.

But then realizing that I don't have a allotment, but a limited space in the garden. And a lot of shady areas. Thankfully there are plenty of shade loving plants that I can explore.

My first task for the garden is to observe how much sun and where the sun is for the most part of the day. Its April end, so I will have a good idea of how much sun I will be getting.

I will be updating this blog step by step as I build the garden, so please come back to check out.

For now I am looking for herbs that can grow in the shade, and fruit trees will have to be in patio pots.