Friday, 22 July 2016

BT phone scam

A few days ago I receive a call claiming to be from BT. The person explained that there was high activity in my account and that they suspected that my computer had been hacked.

I am so angry at myself for not knowing from the beginning that this was a scam call.

They asked me to log in into my pc so they could tell me how to fix the problem or they would disconnect my internet in order to fix the problem.

They wanted me to log in into those sites that give remote access to another user. Can't believe I amongst did it, the security in my pc blocked the access and my baby started crying. I told the guy that he would have to call some other time and he was very pushy that it had to be done. My hero baby saved me on this one as she is my priority so I disconnected the call.

After feeding my hero, I texted my husband about this call, and straighten away he called me to say it was a bogus call. THEN the penny dropped. Of course they are not from BT. Still they called again and I said that I had reported the call to BT and the police, and he disconnected, which was I lie as I hadn't had the time to call BT yet.

But an hour later I get another call, same guy for sure, who said that he was calling back following my complaint to BT about a scam call. I pretended to go with it to see what he would say, and again he was asking to log in to my pc.

I let my frustrations out, in a control manner because my little one was near me. All the anger I felt towards him, and towards myself. I wanted to scream every swear word in the world, but held myself back.

I phoned BT to report the fraud call. And this is when I am angry again. They said they are aware this scam is going on and what I can do is buy some product from them they will block these calls from my line.

BT is financially benefiting from these type of scams and nuisance calls, they are fully aware that these low life parasites are impersonating them but don't appear to care or to take any measures to try to stop it.

Until a few days ago I would describe myself as computer savvy, but if I almost fell for this, for sure it must be others that may believe it too.

The problem lies in Fear. We are all to some extent programmed to respond to fear. It is a control program that runs all the time on the background of our minds. It tells us to obey authority, to be a good citizen and comply.

So in my fear of not having internet for a while, and my fear that my pc was hacked, I almost gave control of all my information to a low life parasite. In my eager to help and assist, I was ready to follow instructions given to me without asking why.

This has been a massive trigger for me. I had this idea of myself as being aware and in control, being streetwise and smart. But this has been good in terms of seeing how Fear has affected my better judgement of the situation. How easily I obeyed and complied without questioning.

When any "authority" real or fake tells you to do something, what the person in control does is ask questions. If I had asked a few simple questions the first time they called I would know for sure that they were dirty liars.

I am thankful that my pc security and my baby stopped me when they did. And I am also thankful for this experience, that I was given the opportunity to see how an insinuation caused fear in my mind and lead me to accept what I was told even when in reality I had a sense that the situation was odd but pushed the feeling aside in my eager to please.