Thursday, 28 July 2016

Home made baby food

What to feed your little one? We all want the best for our children, and to ensure they have the best start in life. And food is a big part of baby and mum's day to day routine.

Time and money are precious, and we all want to manage it the best way possible.

I know that my little one will eventually come in contact with all the processed s**t that is sold as food. And I am not radical about my approach to food, but for as long as I can, I will only give her natural and unprocessed foods.

Now for me it was already a big disappointment when I could not breastfeed and was desperate to. But more on that in another blog. And being a fan of Dr Robert Morse, I knew I would give her fruits as soon as possible and take her out of the fast food formula she has been on from birth.

Again, my plan was to blog about each event as it took place, and tah dah!!!! My baby is 6 months old and this is my second post for Mum's Favorites blog.

Now it is recommended to only feed breast milk or formula to babies under 6 months old, and I am not advising you against it. But in my own personal experience, I started feeding my baby fruits from 4 months old.

It is simple enough, blend the fruit with a bit of water and feed it to her. Just Fresh fruit and water.

She is still on formula, I would say at the moment she is on about 60% formula and 40% fruit. So it is a process for sure and every child will be different. Mother's instinct here will help decide when it is the right time to introduce fruits. Her first fruit was pineapple. 

I am hoping to get some videos done showing how I prepare the fruit for her.

As with everything else that concerns your baby, everyone will have a different option on what is best, what works and what you should do, what you should not. But it is up to you to decide what is best for your child, and what suits your particular lifestyle and budget.

Yes it will be easier to buy ready made baby food, yes it will be easier to use disposable diapers and disposable wet wipes, yes it will be easier to keep her on formula as long as possible... but what is convenience for me, may not be what is best for my baby, so it does take a bit of organizing your day and priorities. And never be to hard on yourself. I watch and ready tons of health advise online, and some of these channel and blogs make it look very easy, but in real life its not always so. So sometimes I have given her ready made baby food, and used disposable diapers and wet wipes, and baby formula is an option for many of us that, WANT TO, but cannot breastfeed. (will link the blog here soon)

Another point is the cost. Do you save money or do you spend more? I have not really done the math on this one. And being summer right now I can find all the fruit I want and need. Let's see how winter will affect it.