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Stop the mistreatment of Palestinian children

Please support this petition calling on the UK Government to take action to end the mistreatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military detention. It only takes a couple of minutes, but makes all the difference.

Thank you!

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Vaccinations for India

Recommended Vaccines for India:
Hepatitis A

Other vaccines to consider:
Hepatitis B
Japanese Encephalitis

I am studying this vaccines and taking care to understand the risks prior to taking my toddler to India.
My husband is native from India and has been vaccinated as a child, but will not have any vaccines.
I am native from Brasil, was vaccinated as a child, but will not have any vaccines.
My toddler will be 23 months old when travelling to India. To date, she is unvaccinated.

update January 2018: we traveled to India for 3 weeks staying in Mumbai. We did NOT vaccinate ourselves or our daughter. I was 5 months pregnant at the time. We did visit a rural area with rice paddies near Mumbai and only used insect repellent as our protection against mosquitoes and a net when sleeping for my child. My daughter and husband were sick for a few days with tummy ache and we put it down to rich and oily food we had at a wedding. Otherwise everything was fine, and she remains unvaccinated.
Please do your own research before making a informed decision about vaccinations. 

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A is a mild, self limiting disease, resolving on its own with no treatment in 4-8 weeks.
This disease is so mild that 90% of kids who get hepatitis A never even know it.
Type A hepatitis disappears completely after acute infection, and does not contribute to chronic liver disease or to cirrhosis. It is important to note that after the patient recovers, he has lifetime immunity. True immunity.
hepatitis A is a disease seen in areas of poor hygiene and if you are staying in a four or five star hotel you would be very unlucky to be exposed to it. Even if you were, hepatitis A is a very much milder infection in children than in adults and although they would have a flu-like infection for a short while, they would then have life-long protective immunity for the future. Most travel clinics therefore do not recommend it.

75% of people affected with cholera will have no or mild symptoms and the illness is self limiting.
In healthy travellers, the illness is most likely to be mild.
More severe illness is more likely in those who live in poverty and are unable to access safe water and food.
More severe illness is more likely in those with underying health problems such as immunosuppression, liver disease or malnutrition.
In more severe disease, rapid onset of watery diarrhoea and vomiting can lead to extreme dehydration. For severe illness medical attention should be urgently as individuals can die quickly if they are not treated promptly with intravenous fluid replacement.
A vaccine is available to protect against cholera but as the risk to most travellers is very low, it is only recommended in the following circumstances:
Volunteers/aid workers/medical personnel in disaster relief situations where cholera outbreaks likely.
Those travelling to work in slums/refugee camps, areas affected by natural disasters, or countries experiencing cholera outbreaks and where care with food and water is difficult or not possible.

japanese encephalitis
Most JE virus infections are mild or without apparent symptoms. However, one in 250 infections result in severe clinical illness, according to the World Health Organisation. 
I have checked online, and Mumbai has no recorded cases of Japanese Encephalitis. It is common on rural areas and rice paddies locations, therefore as we are not visiting those areas, it is not a risk.

For this vaccine, I am considering IF any of us would actually be bitten by an animal versus having access to medical treatment. We going to the city, and although Mumbai does have a lot of animals in the city itself, I think the changes of getting bitten by an animal are very low, and IF it happened, we do have access to hospitals, insurances and treatments. So the risks of taking the vaccines are higher than the benefits it may provide considering the big IF it would happened.

Children with typhoid fever tend to have milder symptoms than adults.
With prompt antibiotic treatment, most people will start to feel better within a few days and serious complications are very rare.
It also isn't usually recommended for children under six, whereas children can have the Vi vaccine from two years of age.
India is considered high risk, but despised the assumption from many people that India is dirty, I have been there and the standards of hygiene are higher than in the UK. Just like Brazil, India also gets this reputation of not being clean, or having sanitation problems, sadly that is true in the very poor areas, but it is very unfair to say that the entire country has a issue. 
My toddlers is under 2, so it does not apply. But if I was only visiting family, I would not even consider taking it. We have access to sanitation and clean water. However I would be careful if or when eating outside. 
As we are going for a wedding and will be in contact with more people than just family, I will discuss this vaccine and the risks with my doctor and consider whether or not to give the single injection Vi Vaccine to my toddler at 22 months old prior to going to India.
If we choose not to vaccinate, should anyone actually have typhoid fever, it can be treated with antibiotics.

Hepatitis B
I don't expect my toddler to go around inject drugs or having unprotected sex with multiple sexual partners.
Yet the UK government has now added this vaccine to the children's vaccine schedule. From all the side effects of vaccines I have studied, this one is the worst. I cannot see why anyone would considers giving a vaccine with so many risks to a child that is not at risk of having the diseases. 
This vaccine was created in the US specifically for drug users and prostitutes. Then the sales team approached these people to sell them the vaccine. But, what a shocker, it turns out the drug users would rather use their money to buy more drugs them to spend their money buying vaccines, and the prostitutes could not care even less. But them someone had this brilliant idea of selling the vaccine to the government and marketing for babies. 
It just so amazing how Big Pharma can still get the profits no matter the cost to our kid's health. 

This is the only vaccine I am considering giving to my toddler. But you cannot have diphtheria vaccine on its own on the NHS. It comes as part of the 6-in-1 new vaccine that contains that Hep B very bad side effects. The 5-in-1 vaccine may still be available as it is being phased out at the moment, so my toddler may have this one if we decide to go ahead with it. 
Otherwise there is a low dose Diphtheria vaccine that is usually given to 3 years old, if the 5-in-1 is not available, and I still want to give her the vaccine, I would ask for the 4-in-1 Infrarix IPV.
  • The Revaris vaccine (3-in-1 dT/IPV - low dose diphtheria, tetanus, polio) is not to be given as first vaccine to under 6 years old.
  • The Repavax vaccine (4-in-1 dTaP/IPV - low dose diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio) is given to children from 3 years old.
  • The Infrarix IPV vaccine (4-in-1 dTaP/IPV - low dose diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio) can be given from 16 months old. However, booster doses of Infrarix may increase the risks of reactions. 
Just like Rabies. What are the changes of actually getting Tetanus, and IF so, can we get to a hospital to receive treatment. So the risk of Tetanus is low, and our chances of having access to hospital is high. 
Also, studies on Tetanus have found spores of the bacteria in wounds without producing any tetanus. Under normal conditions, no diseases will occur. 
My mother had tetanus as a child, her family did not have the means to treat her in hospital, so they treated at home with home made natural cures. Of course, if any of us would get hurt with something dirty like a rust nail, we would go to hospital and ask for treatment. 

NOTE: vaccines doses and boosters
Many vaccines have 2 or 3 doses that are sometimes given 1 month apart. What they do not tell you, is that it can be given 6 months apart. Always read the Patient Leaf Information (PIL) for each vaccine, you can find the links on the NHS website for each vaccine. 
Many doctors that speak against vaccine explain that many of the problems we are having these days with vaccines side effects is due to giving so many vaccines together. The NHS claims that is safe to give many at once, but no studies have been carried out to prove this. They say babies are OK with dealing will all this things at once, but remember, nobody catches diphtheria, tatanus, whooping cough, polio, Hib B and Hepatitis B all at the same time. 

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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

New Art Project - Patreon Launch

I have launched today my Patreon page - my first project is a Picture Book for Children.

This Children's Book will be released under a creative commons license and a free download version will also be available.

Have you thought about starting a Patreon page? You definitely should!
Follow this referral link and sign up:
Also, if you use this invite to sign up and launch your Patreon page, we'll both earn bonuses as supporters pledge to you – let me know if you have any questions!

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heal cavities with Turmeric

Use of Turmeric, Coconut Oil, Clove Oil and Salt.
  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
  • Apply the mixture to your toothbrush and brush your teeth gently, targeting the cavities’ areas as much as possible
  • Leave for 5 minutes and brush once more.
  • Finally, rinse the teeth with lukewarm water.
Read more:

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

3 Starseed Quotes to Live By

You chose to incarnate on this planet.” -Abraham, through Esther Hicks

 “Expose evil or walk away.” -Vispi and Ratoo, through Khorshed Bhavnagri

 “Under spiritual law, if you want help, you must ask for it.” -Diana Cooper

 Read more Starseed quotes to live by:

London Westminster Attack Hoax 10 Questions

London Westminster Attack Hoax 10 Questions

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announcement about the HPV vaccine

A public service announcement about the HPV vaccine that you won't see in the mainstream media: The HPV vaccine is one of the biggest scams perpetuated by the CDC and the pharmaceutical cartel... in this case GlaxoSmithKline and Merck.
It was marketed by Merck as a vaccine for cervical cancer but that turned out to be a lie! The HPV vaccine has NEVER been shown to prevent cervical cancer in any study whatsoever! Merck's HPV vaccine is called Gardasil 9 and is supposed to prevent neoplasia, abnormal tissue growth for nine different HPV strains. However, what Merck doesn't tell you and your doctor doesn't either, is that there are over 200 different strains of HPV.
So the HPV vaccine doesn't protect you against over 190 different strains of HPV. Of the strains the vaccine doesn't address, some of these strains are rare and there is a possibility that the vaccine can increase their prevalence, which can make the vaccinated person even more susceptible to HPV by as much as 60%. In addition, some of the other HPV strains have been shown to cause cancer. There's a lot more to this HPV story that's in this article below that's important for you to read.
Don't just blindly trust your doctor when it comes to vaccines and certainly don't trust the pharmaceutical companies who are marketing this to doctors because they know patients trust their doctor. You may remember that Merck is the company that heavily marketed the arthritis drug Vioxx while knowing that it caused heart attacks and strokes in their studies. They hid this data from doctors and from the public. Vioxx is responsible from somewhere between 60,000 - 189,000 heart attacks and strokes, and over 55,000 deaths!! So are you going to trust the same company that is telling you their Gardasil vaccination is safe?
And by the way they're giving this HPV vaccine in some schools without parental consent! And they're giving it to both boys and girls. So warn your child and send a letter to the public school to make sure that they do not give this vaccine or any vaccine until they speak with you. If your a parent I suggest you really get informed about vaccines and do not trust what you hear from the pharmaceutical companies, the CDC or your doctor as he/she gets their info from pharma.
The best way to prevent cervical cancer is to eat a healthy whole food organic diet and stay away from toxins as much as possible. Iodine is a key nutrient to make sure that you're getting enough of.
Here's the article for you to read
Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Giant Deadly Scam

Friday, 5 May 2017

self-publishing links

Looking for alternatives for Amazon's Create Space.

Self-publishing with CreateSpace, Blurb, Kindle, LULU, Smashwords and Peecho

I will be self publishing children's picture books.
Follow my project here:

Read more - blog by Isis Sousa about her vast experience with self-publishing:
My experience: Self-publishing with CreateSpace, Blurb, Kindle, LULU, Smashwords and Peecho

Ingramspark looks like a good option in terms of price.

Have you self published? Please comment below.

This research is work in progress. This page will be update as and when.

other links - illustration and self-promotion

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Tdap and microcephaly

A study published in The National Center for Biotechnology Information reveals the the United Stated government has known since 1991 that a link between Tdap and microcephaly exists.
In light of this information, why are government officials set on blaming the recent microcephaly outbreak in Brazil on the Zika virus? Why is the fact that not a single known case of microcephaly been reported as a result of the virus in over 70 years?
The study, Adverse Effects of Pertussis and Rubella Vaccines: A Report of the Committee to Review the Adverse Consequences of Pertussis and Rubella Vaccines, found a link between microcephaly and the Tdap vaccine.
The following, written by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, sums up the findings of the research:
Among symptomatic cases, presumed causes are frequently grouped according to the timing of the suspected insult as occurring pre-, peri-, or postnatally. Prenatal factors are thought to account for 20 to 30 percent of cases. This category includes cerebral anomalies, chromosomal disorders, neurocutaneous syndromes such as tuberous sclerosis, inherited metabolic disorders, intrauterine infections, family history of seizures, and microcephaly (Bobele and Bodensteiner, 1990; Kurokawa et al., 1980; Ohtahara, 1984; Riikonen and Donner, 1979).
Among the earliest case reports suggesting a possible link between infantile spasms and pertussis immunization are those of Baird and Borofsky (1957). They described 24 children who had hypsarrhythmia and infantile myoclonic seizures and whose development prior to the onset of spasms was apparently normal. Nine cases of infantile spasms were reported to have occurred between 1 and 5 days after DPT vaccination.
Three of these nine children also had a history of perinatal complications that the authors thought might have been related to a risk of infantile spasms.
The authors also stated, on the basis of a review of published EEG tracings, that hypsarrhythmia was present in two of the affected children described by Byers and Moll (1948). Since these early case reports, additional cases of infantile spasms in association with pertussis immunization have been described in the literature (Fukuyama et al., 1977; Millichap, 1987; Portoian-Shuhaiber and Al Rashied, 1986). The time intervals reported between vaccination and the onset of infantile spasms have been from minutes to weeks (Melchior, 1971).

TDap vaccine and pregnancy

The TDap vaccine started to be given to pregnant women in 2011 and this is when fetal deaths started to outnumber infant deaths for the first time. There has been a study showing that TDaP vaccine increases rate of miscarriage by 16.7% in the third trimester. And since it's the third trimester it's considered a fetal death.
That is pretty significant, given that the U.S. has highest first-day infant mortality out of industrialized world, group reports
A new report reveals that the United States has the highest first-day infant death rate out of all the industrialized countries in the world.
About 11,300 newborns die within 24 hours of their birth in the U.S. each year, 50 percent more first-day deaths than all other industrialized countries combined, the report's authors stated.
The 14th annual State of the World's Mothers report, put together by non-profit organization Save the Children, ranked 168 countries according to where the best places to be a mother would be. Criteria included child mortality, maternal mortality, the economic status of women, educational achievement and political representation of women.
Because of their high infant mortality rates, the U.S. only ranked number 30 this year on the report, down five spots from the 2012 report. Save the Children CEO Carolyn Miles told she was shocked to find that out that the U.S. did so poorly.


Polysorbate 80 is a chemical used by physicians to open the blood-brain barrier, for the purpose of chemotherapy for brain cancer. The chemicals then bind tightly to the polysorbate 80 and the chemo can reach the cancer cells.
Polysorbate 80 is used in vaccines to reduce the surface tension of the chemicals, and increase the solubility of chemicals that normally would not be able to dissolve together (think oil and water). It also works as an emulsifier so the chemicals can disperse evenly upon injection. This sounds like a smart plan, right? The problem is, it also opens the blood-brain barrier and the brain is exposed to the chemicals like aluminum (a neurotoxin), formaldehyde (embalming fluid and a carcinogen), glyphosate (another carcinogen), etc. Since it increases solubility and absorbability, it makes it incredibly easy for the brain to absorb the toxins; the toxins bind tightly to the polysorbate 80 and flow right through the blood-brain barrier to do their damage.
So sure, you might eat more formaldehyde in pears than you may receive through a shot - but when you're digesting a pear, your brain isn't being exposed to formaldehyde in its full *synthetic* form and being damaged by the toxicity; it's being broken down in its *natural* form by your digestive system, which is equipped to handle it. Injection is very different from ingestion.
Credit: Allison Claire


What exactly is measles?

Measles is a short-lived viral infection that begins with a fever that lasts for a couple of days, followed by a cough, runny nose and conjunctivitis (pink eye). A rash starts on the face, hairline and upper neck, spreads down the back and trunk, and extends to the extremities. After about 5 days, the rash fades.

How dangerous is measles?

Measles is a mild and harmless disease that leaves a stronger, healthier child in its wake; most adults today who were born before 1965 got measles and have lifelong immunity as a result. Serious problems from measles are very, very rare.
This, by the way, was standard medical policy; measles was just a rite of passage. It changed when the measles vaccine came on the market in the 1960s. Suddenly this mild, beneficial rite of passage became a deadly disease.
Some MDs still don’t buy the hype. As Jay Gordon, MD, former UCLA Medical Center pediatrician recently said:
This measles outbreak does not pose a great risk to a healthy child and quite frankly I don’t think it poses any risk to a healthy child

How deadly is measles compared to the measles shot?

Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, in an Associated Press interview in 2014 stated that there have been no measles deaths in the US since 2003.+
However, the CDC’s National Vital Statistics Reports show 2 deaths associated with measles for 2009 and 2015.
Now let’s look at this measles vaccine
Another government reporting agency, The National Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), reports 108 children died from the measles vaccine during a ten year period. But that may be a fraction of the real number because MDs often do not report vaccine injuries.
Death certificates, usually filled out by MDs, very rarely mention vaccination as the cause of death. They may write encephalitis or brain inflammation rather than vaccination even though vaccines can cause brain inflammation) on the death certificate. We don’t know the real number of vaccine injuries and deaths. But they are most likely much greater than what VAERS reports due to underreporting.
"Pediatricians continue to defend vaccination to the death. The question parents should be asking is, ‘Whose death?’" Robert Mendelsohn, MD

read more:

Friday, 3 March 2017

Making money Online

Work from home making money online! Is this the dream? How many of us would love to work from home a few hours a week and make a passive income. But are we too late? Is the market overcrowded? Does it work or is it a scam?

A simple google search comes out with many posts on how to make money online with lists of other sites where you can make money some how... but it seems to me that the best way to make money online is to sell or tell others "how to make money online".

I am not going to sell you anything or tell you how to do it. I will instead report how I am doing, so keep checking for updated in this blog.

Amazon FDA 

It is the same with Amazon FDA. Yes there are people that make a lot of money this way, but it seems that the best way to make money with Amazon FDA is selling others the information of "how to make money with Amazon FDA".

Me and my other half spend a lot of time researching "made in China" products from sites like looking for that one niche product that could make us money but every time we found "the one" it seems that our margins selling it would not be worth it or there were a lot of other people already doing the same. We tried to do all this with a very small budget of £200 only as there were a lot people claiming that you could start with as little as $100.

From our research, we decided that with a small budget it will not work with Amazon FDA and also we did not like the idea of buying something very cheat that was also not very good quality in order to try to make a profit.

We may consider it in the future but only if we can allocate more money in order to get a quality product.

Affiliate links and Blogging 

Now this is something I have considered many times over as I love blogging, but as my blog is quite random, it would require tidying up this blog and posting regularly.

But I think that writing articles for other sites may be more profitable as the platform will provided views. If you are running your own blog then its more work promoting it and keeping updated. Not passive income as you have to keep it up. I am looking into this, and will report it here.


Youtube is my favorite social platform. When I really want to no longer google it, I youtube it. There is just so much you can do with a youtube account but again it seems like its a bit overcrowded.

I have started a channel for kids songs and nursery rhymes. I posted some of my own videos and have been also using creative commons material to create content for my channel. Views are picking up slowly and should the income from ads pay off, I will report it in this blog.

Monday, 23 January 2017

how to stop deleting as you type

You can toggle between these two modes by pressing a key; if you don't think you'll ever use the over type mode, you can also permanently switch it off in Microsoft Word. Press the "Ins" key to toggle over type mode off. Depending on your keyboard model, this key may also be labeled "Insert."

If you have a small child, you will know how they can somehow change the settings on you pc, tablet and phone. My little one makes us laugh every time she changes some setting on the TV that we did not even know existed. 

The other day she almost order something from ebay. 

But my laptop keyboard is her favorite. She loves sitting with me and "work". So when she some how changed all the settings on my keyboard it took me a while to figure out some things. One being how to stop deleting as you type when trying to correct or change your spelling. 

I tried the above by selecting the "ins" on the top roll of my keyboard but nothing happened. After some very annoying typing and re-typing, I noticed that my keyboard also have "ins" under the zero key of the number keypad. And it work!!

Problem solved and you do learn something new everyday. :-)


If you have signed up to subpals and no longer want to use their services, the first thing to do is do make sure to remove access to your google account:

search for SubPals and Press "Revoke Access"

When your youtube channel is new, you want to get views and subscribers fast, it's easy to fall on the trap of sub for sub. Especially now that youtube does not allow users with less than 100 subscribers to choose a custom URL for the channel. 

So last week I searched on goggle ´how to get more subscribers on youtube` and Subpals was the first in the page. I got super excited when I saw their claims and the site. In retrospect it looked to good to be true. And usually I was research other peoples reviews first before signing in for something new, but for some reason this time I did not. 

I signed up for the free package where if you like and subscribe to 10 youtube pages then you get 10 subscribers in 48 hours. 

It seemed easy enough, but their site is so slow... also for some reason many of the pages loaded as video not available on youtube. And per my own count, I superscribed to 13 users as the page kept reloading and telling me I still was pending one subscription. 

After I did all that none sense work, then I decided to search on youtube about subpals and found complaints and warning not to use it. Many claim that the site has been abusing their access to peoples youtube accounts and hijacking peoples profiles when they unsubscribe to the channels later. 

I did get 10 subscribers pretty much straight away. The next morning I had already lost 1 subscriber, and after one week I lost another 5 subscribers, today I lost one more. 

Furthermore I have not noticed any significant change of views for the recent videos posted. 

I have not unsubscribe to any of the 10 or more channels (most of then kids playing minecraft) but neither have I watch any more of the videos they posted. I am just a dead subscriber to them as some people are to me. And that is actually a bad thing.

Apparently these can be very bad for my youtube channel, as youtube will be recommending my video to my subscribers but they will not watch the videos, this tells the system that my videos are not wanted by my own subscribers and youtube will stop recommending  my channel and videos to others. I believe this to be true, as years ago I did all the sub for sub in another channel and got lots of subscribers but my videos got less and less views as time went by. 

One of my youtube channel that only have a few subscribers but never had sub for sub, and get way more views and most of those videos don't even have proper tags.

This review is based on my own experience using subpals and sub4sub. 

I have decided not to use subpals again neither to ask random people to sub for me if I sub for them. I does not do anyone any good. And to think that someone people even go as further as to pay for subscribers on youtube and likes on facebook. IS FAKE!!!! In the end of the day you don't really have followers to your work.

So instead I will keep posting my videos and let my channel grow organically! 

Have you used subpals or sub4sub?? Tell about your experience in the comments below.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Free Open Source Alternatives to Adobe Creative Suite

Software like Adobe Creative Suite are amazing, but also very expensive. So if like me you want to learn things like animation, video editing for youtube, or you just want to edit some holiday photos for facebook or instagram, would you pay for these very expensive packages???

Luckily there are plenty of free open source alternatives. 

I have researched, downloaded and tried some of these softwares to replace Adobe Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator. I was also looking for an audio software. But not only do I want a free to use software, I was also looking for something that have plenty of tutorial videos on youtube. 

No point having a free software if you don't know how to use it. 

These are the free open source software I am using and recommend:

This software replaces Illustrator and its very easy to navigate. As it supports advanced Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) features, I would say it is perfect for beginners. These can be used for animation, websites, creating graphics for apps, and creating digital art.  

To replace photoshop, the best free open source software is GIMP. But I also like this software to make digital paints using the brushes features instead of using Inkscape, and I also prefer using GIMP for creating the background on my videos.

The background for the video below was created in GIMP, the cat was done using Inkscape.

This is for the channel I created, please Subscribe to Mia Kids Songs on youtube


An amazing software and highly recommend. 

I am still using adobe flash, but I am determined to use blender for all my future work. Not only can this software handle 2D animations, but very good tool for those learning 3D animations. 

You can also edit videos and audio files, and there is a good selection of tutorials available on youtube.

Below is my first 3D animation, the tutorial was easy to follow on youtube and very fun to make as well. But it took more than an hour to render a few seconds of video. So for learning Blender its OK using my laptop and it runs fine, but if I want to actually start making and publishing 3D videos I will need a hardware update.


I am still figuring my way around Audacity, but its worth mentioning here for those looking for a audio software. 

At the moment I am using no copyright songs available for youtube, but considering creating my own soundtracks so having a free audio software is a great start. 

Last updated: 09 March 2017