Monday, 2 January 2017

Free Open Source Alternatives to Adobe Creative Suite

Software like Adobe Creative Suite are amazing, but also very expensive. So if like me you want to learn things like animation, video editing for youtube, or you just want to edit some holiday photos for facebook or instagram, would you pay for these very expensive packages???

Luckily there are plenty of free open source alternatives. 

I have researched, downloaded and tried some of these softwares to replace Adobe Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator. I was also looking for an audio software. But not only do I want a free to use software, I was also looking for something that have plenty of tutorial videos on youtube. 

No point having a free software if you don't know how to use it. 

These are the free open source software I am using and recommend:

This software replaces Illustrator and its very easy to navigate. As it supports advanced Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) features, I would say it is perfect for beginners. These can be used for animation, websites, creating graphics for apps, and creating digital art.  

To replace photoshop, the best free open source software is GIMP. But I also like this software to make digital paints using the brushes features instead of using Inkscape, and I also prefer using GIMP for creating the background on my videos.

The background for the video below was created in GIMP, the cat was done using Inkscape.

This is for the channel I created, please Subscribe to Mia Kids Songs on youtube


An amazing software and highly recommend. 

I am still using adobe flash, but I am determined to use blender for all my future work. Not only can this software handle 2D animations, but very good tool for those learning 3D animations. 

You can also edit videos and audio files, and there is a good selection of tutorials available on youtube.

Below is my first 3D animation, the tutorial was easy to follow on youtube and very fun to make as well. But it took more than an hour to render a few seconds of video. So for learning Blender its OK using my laptop and it runs fine, but if I want to actually start making and publishing 3D videos I will need a hardware update.


I am still figuring my way around Audacity, but its worth mentioning here for those looking for a audio software. 

At the moment I am using no copyright songs available for youtube, but considering creating my own soundtracks so having a free audio software is a great start. 

Last updated: 09 March 2017