Monday, 23 January 2017


If you have signed up to subpals and no longer want to use their services, the first thing to do is do make sure to remove access to your google account:

search for SubPals and Press "Revoke Access"

When your youtube channel is new, you want to get views and subscribers fast, it's easy to fall on the trap of sub for sub. Especially now that youtube does not allow users with less than 100 subscribers to choose a custom URL for the channel. 

So last week I searched on goggle ´how to get more subscribers on youtube` and Subpals was the first in the page. I got super excited when I saw their claims and the site. In retrospect it looked to good to be true. And usually I was research other peoples reviews first before signing in for something new, but for some reason this time I did not. 

I signed up for the free package where if you like and subscribe to 10 youtube pages then you get 10 subscribers in 48 hours. 

It seemed easy enough, but their site is so slow... also for some reason many of the pages loaded as video not available on youtube. And per my own count, I superscribed to 13 users as the page kept reloading and telling me I still was pending one subscription. 

After I did all that none sense work, then I decided to search on youtube about subpals and found complaints and warning not to use it. Many claim that the site has been abusing their access to peoples youtube accounts and hijacking peoples profiles when they unsubscribe to the channels later. 

I did get 10 subscribers pretty much straight away. The next morning I had already lost 1 subscriber, and after one week I lost another 5 subscribers, today I lost one more. 

Furthermore I have not noticed any significant change of views for the recent videos posted. 

I have not unsubscribe to any of the 10 or more channels (most of then kids playing minecraft) but neither have I watch any more of the videos they posted. I am just a dead subscriber to them as some people are to me. And that is actually a bad thing.

Apparently these can be very bad for my youtube channel, as youtube will be recommending my video to my subscribers but they will not watch the videos, this tells the system that my videos are not wanted by my own subscribers and youtube will stop recommending  my channel and videos to others. I believe this to be true, as years ago I did all the sub for sub in another channel and got lots of subscribers but my videos got less and less views as time went by. 

One of my youtube channel that only have a few subscribers but never had sub for sub, and get way more views and most of those videos don't even have proper tags.

This review is based on my own experience using subpals and sub4sub. 

I have decided not to use subpals again neither to ask random people to sub for me if I sub for them. I does not do anyone any good. And to think that someone people even go as further as to pay for subscribers on youtube and likes on facebook. IS FAKE!!!! In the end of the day you don't really have followers to your work.

So instead I will keep posting my videos and let my channel grow organically! 

Have you used subpals or sub4sub?? Tell about your experience in the comments below.